RTA Vin Decoding through GPS Insight

If the User has the GPSIST enhancement in place, the Vin Download button beside the Serial Number in the vehicle master file is active. Clicking the button will connect to the GPS Insight's API and download the Vin data that they have. After that the standard Vin Data Download program will process. The list of data retrieved will be displayed in a grid and each item has a check box to select that item and a destination where RTA will write the data, (specific Vehicle Field, Vehicle GDF, Class GDF, Vehcile Notes). All items are checked by default. If the Vin has multiple "Trim's" the Import data will be duplicated several times, one for each trim that is found and again "all items are selected by default." It will be necessary to remove the checks off of the items you no not want imported and change the destination to where you want RTA to write the data, if it did not default to where you wanted it to go. If you choose as a destination a GDF field and the GDF description and value do not exist in the GDF master and the Class list, RTA will create the item and then add to the vehicle file.

If there is existing data in a matching field, that incoming data will overwrite the existing. If the User has VinLink, the GPS Insight program will preempt Vinlink as the source of the import data.